IC Test Socket Design and Manufacturing

Handler Test Sockets

Signal Integrity engineering can design sockets with the mechanical experience to build precise docking mechanisms and tightly control the total compression force requirements to match the handler plunger force. We can control the pocket edge precision within 0.05 mm for vision placement and device dimension placement algorithms.

Signal integrity has many years’ experience in test cell development and the details and issues stack alignment, thermal management and for modeling and simulation the test stack from board to handler plunger.

Hand Test Sockets

Hand Test Sockets are used for debugging setups, characterization and test boards and test applications that do not use device handlers. These base of a hand test socket is often identical to a handler test socket.

The pieces that separate hand test from automatic insertion is the lid, frame and pusher/plunger mechanism. Hand test socket also accommodate heat sinks and  access to external cooling and temperature control.

Signal Integrity Socket designers have a large library of hand test lid designs and capabilities to customize these to fit the precise requirements of the application. We focus on re-usability and low cost of ownership when we approach hand test socket designs.

Signal Integrity can also design in custom access channels for array measurements, thermos couples and test point access that hand test sockets may require in debug and test cell thermal calibration.


Solid Works Socket Design



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