High Power IC Test Sockets

Large pin count CPU, ASIC, Switches, GPUs and AI logic can draw over 300 W per part and have over 100 W of leakage current. These devices are built for large data analytics, and data center virtualization and shifting massive amounts of information. Or these devices are very fast floating-point processors for deep computation, block chain and graphics works.   Signal Integrity is especially adept at developing test sockets for this market application.

Signal Integrity use of clad technology and multi-spring designs allow us to supply spring probes  at 0.8 and 1.0 mm pitch that can operate at up to 9 amps continuous current. These probe  while still operate above 30 GHz for the IO portion of these devices.

For finer pitches down to 0.2 mm, we can design and deliver test sockets and vertical probe fixtures using our probes that  can handle 2.5 to 5 amps of continuous current and frequencies from 20 GHz to 50 GHz.


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