Impedance controlled sockets

Signal Integrity designs and manufactures impedance-controlled sockets. Using a coaxial signal pins, GND pins and insulated power pin cavities in a full metal socket body, the impedance of the signal patch is maintained. The advantage for this design is to handle large deices that need long pins for travel and contact issues and obtaining higher operating performance than an uncontrolled impedance pin with these lengths provide.  Using an impedance-controlled socket will often double the frequency performance and dramatically improve the return loss and cross talk for sockets that require longer pins (>4mm).

Signal Integrity first models the socket in simulation. We generate the custom drill pattern from the device pin out since power, GND and signal need different diameter cavities.  Insulated cavities are integrated into the housing minimizing the number of insulator bushings needed just the signal pins.

Example Impedance Controlled Socket

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