EV and Charging Power Components

Signal Integrity's clad barrel technology and multi spring architecture allows us to design and implement fixtures and sockets with high amount of continuous and pulsed currents.  This is well suited in the power, EV, charging and energy storage socket applications.

High Continuous Current Probes

Signal Integrity can design and manufacture sockets, selecting from 8 of our fine pitch spring probes models that can operate from 4.5A to over 6.0 amps. 

Delivering 5 amps of continuous current in a fine pitch pin allows our socket designs to use more pins per power pad to deliver even higher continuous current. These sockets can focus on delivering the current needed for continuous power delivery and high current pulse testing for all types of power and power control, regulators, converters, MOSFET, IGBT and JFET devices.

Signal integrity can also design and deliver high current board to board connectors using these probes.

Example of 800 Amp Pulsed Current Application

800 Amp Pulsed Current Contactors

Signal Integrity has developed connector power block modules for TO and STO devices in the high current applications for EV and charging systems.  These power block modules are integrated into sockets to deliver very high pulsed currents from 600 to 1000 amps for short duration pulses

Signal Integrity developed these power blocks with very low inductance and contact materials with very low resistance to be able to switch very high currents, operate at greater than 100 amps continuous current. These connectors deliver this performance with very low inductance, proper material and ablative surfaces. These are for very high volume and designed to operate for > 1,000,000 cycles.


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