High Frequency IC Test Sockets

Signal Integrity has a large library of probes and components to design and manufacture sockets with the RF frequency margins over 15 GHz to meet our customer's application demands. Typically, this refers to frequencies from the  micro Wave band to the mm Wave bands. Between 10 GHz and 50 GHz is the general bandwidth range of Signal Integrity probes. We have some probe designs 1.0 mm in length, capable of up to 90 GHz insertion loss

The sockets we design are simulated using 3D EM solvers and we use the proper socket cavity and socket material to maximize our performance through the frequency ranges of our probes. We work with our customer to optimize the socket performance in the test channel.

Each of our socket and probe combinations are measured on a VNA. We supply transmission line models and s-parameters for both Single Ended and differential pin configurations. We provide a full RF report i including spice models, transmission line models and S-parameters.

Signal Integrity probes and sockets are used in all high speed broadband SERDES protocols, microwave RF, PAM4, QAM,  fiber conversion , auto radar and mm  wave applications. 

Contact us for specific application notes and characterization data for our probes and sockets,  Let us help you engineer your high frequency contact fixtures. 


Example Simulation Flow For mm Wave Configuration on SII High Frequency Socket

Insertion Loss


Return Loss 

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